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The highlands around Bukittinggi consist of vast patches of rice field, authentic villages and deep valleys, with the landscape being dominated by the two volcanos Singgalang and Merapi. Overall a lot a rural scenery, perfect for exciting hiking trips. Another optional activity would be a cooking course that teaches you the secrets of Padang cuisine. These activities can be pre-booked through us or you could arrange it yourself on the spot.

*Trekking through Sianok Valley, 4 hours.

Your local guide will pick you up at your hotel in the morning. You will first walk over to Panorama Park to enjoy a view over Sianok Valley. Admire the sheer vertical, 150 meter high sandstone walls of this valley that winds itself around the base of Singgalang volcano, to the west of Bukittinggi. At the bottom of the valley there is a shallow river. From Panorama Park you will descend into the valley, passing flights of steps and hiking trails, open fields and dense jungle. After crossing the river, there will be a steep climb to the village of Kota Gadang waiting for you. Enjoy the scenery in this village, with wooden houses from the colonial era and local silverware craftsman at work. In the center of town you will find a traditional Minang-house totally covered with intricate woodcarvings. It functions as the town hall. You will be picked up in Kota Gadang and driver back to Bukittinggi.  

*Cooking course and hike through Harau Valley

In the early morning you will drive from Bukittinggi to Harau Valley, which takes around 1,5 hour. This morning your local hostess will give you an introduction in Padang cuisine, the traditional Minang-food. Padang food, as it is called, is world famous all over Indonesia, with well know dishes like rendang (beef stew in a thick coconut-based sauce), dendeng (dried beef) and perkedel (potato fritter). You hostess will teach you how to cook several well-known dishes. After lunch (of course partly cooked by yourself) you will set out with a local guide for a moderate 3-hour hike through beautiful Harau Valley. On the way you will visit small villages and waterfalls. At the end of the day you will drive back to Bukittinggi.

Prijs : 35 EURO per persoon

  • gebaseerd op 2 personen, inclusief ontbijt/laagseizoenprijzen/hotelbeschikbaarheid
  • de tour kan op maat worden gemaakt, aanpassingen zijn mogelijk. Meer informatie: KLIK HIER
  • Hotel of vervoer nodig voor of na de tour? KLIK HIER.
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