North Sumatra Nature tour / 8 days

Day 1: Arrival in Medan – transfer to Bukit Lawang
After arrival in Medan, you will be transferred to Bukit Lawang, a 4 hour journey by car. It’s a long drive, but definitely worth the effort: Your hotel is located along the river and at the edge of the rainforest (Gunung Leuser National Park). It is an attractive eco-hotel, but with basic facilities (a fan room with mosquito netting, cold shower or traditional mandi bucket).

Day 2: Bukit Lawang

Today you can walk to the feeding platform in the jungle to spot some orangutans. It is also possible to join a trekking through the national park, or maybe you would want to try out some tubing (down the river, on a raft of car tires tied together). These activities can be pre-arranged with us, or you can book it yourself through the hotel reception.  

Day 3: Bukit Lawang to Tangkahan

An open jeep will bring you in 3 hours, over bumpy roads and through palm oil plantations, to your next destination: the village of Tangkahan. This village is also located on the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park. To reach your hotel, you will be transferred by canoe over a small river. Accommodation is pretty basic (traditional cold water bucket for showering, fan room, mosquito netting), but the location is once again stunning.  

Day 4: Tangkahan

There are several optional activities today. You can ride an elephant through the jungle for 1 hour and help out in washing and feeding the elephants in the river. You can also join several types of jungle treks, optionally in combination with tubing and caving. We would recommend to book the elephant ride in advance because of limited availability. The other trips can be pre-arranged through us or booked on the spot by yourself.  

Day 5: Tangkahan to Brastagi

Today you will travel by car from Tangkahan, back to Medan and then continue inlands to the hill station Brastagi. The town is located at 1300 meters altitude, in an agricultural area. Because of the altitude, it can be chilly in the evenings. You will stay in a pleasant hotel with swimming pool. In the afternoon you could visit the local fruit market.

Day 6: Brastagi to Samosir-Lake Toba
Around Brastagi there are several traditional villages of the Karo Batak tribe that still contain the impressive local wooden houses. On the way to Prapat you can visit such a village. Also make a stop at the Sipisopiso waterfall. You will have your first view over Lake Toba from here. A local boat or ferry will bring you from Prapat to Samosir Island. You will stay in a nice hotel on the edge of Lake Toba.  

Day 7: Samosir-Lake Toba

A day to explore Samosir Island: go hiking, biking, by motorbike or by car with driver (rent locally). But don’t forget to take a refreshing dip in Lake Toba at the end of the day!

Day 8: Samosir-Lake Toba to Medan airport

A local boat will bring you back to Prapat. Your driver will be waiting here. Continue driving to Medan airport, which takes approximately 4 to 5 hours.  

Day 1: Medan - Bukit Lawang
Day 2: Bukit Lawang
Day 3: Bukit Lawang - Tangkahan
Day 4: Tangkahan
Day 5: Tangkahan - Brastagi
Day 6: Brastagi – Samosir/Lake Toba
Day 7: Samosir/Lake Toba
Day 8: Samosir/Lake Toba - Medan

Prijs : 335 EURO per persoon

  • gebaseerd op 2 personen, inclusief ontbijt/laagseizoenprijzen/hotelbeschikbaarheid
  • de tour kan op maat worden gemaakt, aanpassingen zijn mogelijk. Meer informatie: KLIK HIER
  • Hotel of vervoer nodig voor of na de tour? KLIK HIER.
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